The LaVita gift box

Special people deserve special gifts.

So often we wish "health": for a birthday, for the turn of the year, for recovery... Much better than just wishing health would be to give it away.

Give away health. Give away LaVita

With LaVita we can optimise our daily nutrition holistically with all the important micronutrients (vitamins and trace elements) and thus make a contribution to maintaining our health. LaVita is a fresh product, produced without preservatives and other additives. Our gift voucher is therefore ideal as a present: the recipient can redeem it easily and as desired, thus keeping LaVita very fresh.

The box contains a voucher for a 500 ml bottle of LaVita worth 50 € incl. VAT as well as an information brochure and, on wish, a personal greeting message.

The best of nature. This is LaVita.

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    Holistic micronutrient concentrate
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    With over 70 natural ingredients and all important micronutrients (vitamins and trace elements)
  • Optimisation of daily nutrition with only one product
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    Micronutrients scientifically dosed
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    Also suitable for children
  • Vegan, gluten and lactose free without preservatives or additives

Make your gift personal

You have the choice: delivery of the gift box to you or direct delivery to the recipient, optionally with a personal greeting message.

With free greeting message


Gift box

50 €

High-quality box with voucher for a bottle of LaVita 500 ml (value: 50 € incl. VAT), information brochure and optional greeting message.

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    Free shipping within DE and AT
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    Purchase on invoice
  • Optional: high-quality personal greeting message for the recipient