How to get off to a good start with LaVita. It's really quite simple. You can get started or get back into it at any time.


Store in the refrigerator. Place LaVita in the fridge right from the word go, because our juice concentrate is a natural product – made without preservatives or other additives. After opening, LaVita keeps for 70 to 90 days (for best before date, see label on the bottle).


One tablespoon twice a day. For a micronutrient cure, we recommend one tablespoon of LaVita (10 ml) twice a day for the first 75 days – simply stir it into a glass of still water. Thereafter, 1 tablespoon a day is sufficient (basic supply).


Integrate it into your everyday life Regular use is recommended. Integrate LaVita as permanent feature of your everyday life, for example at breakfast and dinner. If you want to be reminded, the alarm clock from the LaVita app will help you.


Take advantage of personal advice. Personal contact with our customers is very important to us. Our health advisors will be happy to help you for all your questions about LaVita.


Load the app and stay informed. In our app, we give you extensive information and tips on the topics of nutrition and health:

Our recommendation

Our recommendation

Subscription: every 8th bottle comes free.
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  • Freshness benefitLaVita always automatically fresh in the fridge
  • Flexible and no riskYou only ever pay for the bottles delivered – without shipping costs
  • SavingEvery 8th bottle is automatically free
  • Flexible and without riskYou can change, pause or cancel everything at any time - without deadlines!
  • ComfortableYour desired quantity, at your personal delivery interval

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